Echos of words left unsaid

Written by: Dina Cassiano

Maybe it is all in my head.
If that’s the case, I’d rather be dead.
Please let me know I’m not imagining it all.
I know what I hear when unspoken echos call.

But i know It’s much easier to just think that I’m dumb.
 because when you ridicule, I’ll play right along.

“If she had half a brain floating round in her head,
She’d hear my words echo”….......................
yeah. The ones left unsaid.
Then you’d say “only a fool would put on that hat”.....
“Its not what she thinks, must be this, must be that”.  
 Well, IT IS what I think. Words cant hide all that much.
Its whats left unsaid that delivers a punch!.
Some, we can hear what to others, is not clear.
Read between lines while yours words echo in the air..

Go ahead, attach labels….they’ll fit like a shoe.
Even when its not me and its everything you!
Come on, you can throw weak spots in my face,
Poke bruises and point while I’m here in this space. 

“Must be an idiot”, You say. “I am better than her “.
Why else would one stay in dis-ease and not cure?

I Know not to ask that you understand.
Clearly, it takes more than you’ve got, little man.
I don’t ask or need you reach out a hand.
For that, it takes what you lack, woman.

  In many ways I AM different than you.
If our places were switched, I hope this is what id do:
Imagine for a moment…You, a  Brainless Old Fish.
That nasty, sharp metal ,got stuck in your lips.
I would take it out for you, let you off the hook.
Even though you watched me squirm while I cooked.

Well remember, you’re just one step away
 from the drunk you saw barf in the alley today!
And, in case you didn’t know, I can see loud and clear,
the Dis-ease that you hold, All the way over here.