crystal rain

Written by: Joseph May

Purple hues of twilight  fall
As crystal raindrops drip from the window sill
A golden oldie is playing down the hall
that fills the heart with a sentimental  thrill

Then comes the blackness of the night
With ghastly  ghouls and  ghostly sights
But in the white light of the dawn
All the dark fears are gone
Red roses  glisten  with the morning dew
Pink hibiscus welcomes bumble bees  too

Morning gives way to a red hot noon
When marmalade butterflies flutter and swoon
As gray clouds in the distance loom
 Heavy rains give shades of green a liquid boon
Rain concludes giving rise to the sun's amber glow
Illuminating a plethora of colors that paint  the rainbow
Evening  brings  forth majestic  orange sunsets
The golden yellow moon will rise yet