Written by: Jay Loveless

Ive forgotten what it feels like 
to be wanted, needed
He certainly does not speak of 
his need in words
He does not show it in his 
Unless i am to take those few 
Where he pulls me close to his 
warmth and falls asleep
Surely he still swears his love
But more and more it seems 
He makes no attempt to pull 
my young body to his
No longer does he run his 
hands over my ample curves
My slender hips built for 
My supple breasts which perk 
at the remembrance of his 
cupping palms
Hands now turned greedy 
when the few moments come 
that he expresses his male 
need to release
I needed? At the notion i scoff
This caveman of a lover knows 
less of need than a newborn
Mistake me not it is in 
understanding that he dwells 
within a cave
When put to use he is more 
than perfect as a lover
Selfish bastard. Laughing at 
my words.
He understands nothing
And so i have been allowed to 
forget the blessing of being 
someones need