The Cross-Jesus Chose the Nails-Out Of the Love For Us

Written by: Star Light

The Blood He shed Was Real
By His Wounds We are Healed

The Nails didn’t hold him to the Cross
It was the Love for me and You

Christ could have called for His 10,000 Angels
To Release His agony.. Set Him Free

Jesus chose to die on Cross.. the Day of Calvary
For Us.. whom  Loss..  Saving  Our Souls-

Come be Born-again-Be made Whole 
Receive Grace.. Redemption of our sins

Three days later… Christ had Risen
Jesus Christ did this.. He regained Eternity

Jesus did this For All of Us.. 
To live again.. Eternally Born-again with Him

Come to Jesus Christ
Receive Eternal Life
Become Eternally Born-again

Only Through Jesus Christ 
Can YOU be Saved-Born-again

God So Loved The World
He Gave His Only Begotten Son
Whomsoever Believes in Him
Shall Not perish but have Everlasting Life