Written by: Dina Cassiano

How is that we shall remember. 
Remember many things, least of all to dream. 
Dream dreams of yesterday and tomorrow?
Dream dreams of today, one will go, one will stay.

 Ours to keep? 
Keep one eye on want you want and one on what you've got…they say.
To keep an eye upon the dreams, 
seems such an easy thing, but leads instead, to

Enormous pressure and contemplation 
with mounds and mounds of piled up words
and lessons learned.
To sift through, takes patience.
 (Something that I haven’t got). 

But, Oh please, I will listen, if you will tell. 
How do we keep an eye on what it is we dream,
When perhaps it seems to float about without visibility? 
To find it, just point in the direction, and with or without certain introspection, 
I’ll set out upon the task to it's projection...
still, how, I ask?

I sit and wonder.
Wonder, Wonder... Wonder.
 Wander... wander, my mind wanders.
 Too late, my mind now wanders. 
I have set out on a path, another endeavor.
Oh well, I must add to my list... 
this dream thing-very important.(underline twice)
  **geeeeet       baack         to         ddrreeeeams, period. NO! no. Yes. exclamation!
(There, that should do it).