OURSELVES we must brave

Written by: Dina Cassiano

Myself, Mine, Self,
What is this “self” we all possess.
I know not mine, I must confess.
Though, at times, I dare to guess,
 The truth, for me, hard to ingest.
Yourself, yours, you,
This gift is your own paradise.
Perfect and flawed, I must surmise.
What of you rests inside?
What pieces and parts do you hide?
We, Our, Us,
Are we not the same, except by name?
Have we not the same demons to tame?
Ourselves and others don't we blame?
We are proud. We are ashamed.
Human, Beings, Being …
Humans, being the colors that we make,
Auras, of different hues, we create.
To aid others, we're not afraid.
When ourselves we guide, ourselves we must brave.