Written by: Charles Clive

Ms Jo Hanley-Dunne, Ms Jo Hanley-Dunne, varnished and tarnished by Val d’Isere sun. The sway of your hips, the power to stun brings promise of love and nights filled with fun. Oh dazzle me, Goddess, you Queen of the Slopes; a Mistress of Moguls, oh show me the ropes. You’re someone who’s keen and someone who copes; you fill me with lust, you stimulate hopes. I know that you cook with consummate ease; I know that you dive, alone, if you please. Your place in the sun is large, Portuguese, and far from your yacht, you wind-surf the breeze. So join me, dear Venus, off piste, on a run, then tell me, my love, your heart, have I won? Oh! Rapturous joy. My courtship is done. I’m going to live with Ms Jo Hanley-Dunne. ~ For John Heck's Competition.