Tongue Tied Timmy at the Bubble Blowing Contest

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

He made the finals of the bubble blowing contest
Tongue-tied Timmy wanted to do his best…

Never won a single ribbon throughout his school age days
Timmy felt as though his siblings got all the praise

“Oh, if I could just win this contest for my mom and dad.”
Constantly living in the shadow of his big brother Thad

Reaching   d
                            p    into his pocket for a fresh piece of gum

he c-h-e-w-e d
and he c-h-e-w-e-d 
until his jaw grew numb…  

Mary went first and got into BIG trouble
by blowing too hard and BURSTING HER BUBBLE…

Then Joe was up next, he was last year’s champ
Timmy heard him continually bragging at camp…

Joe was overconfident and blew his bubble too small
He got what he deserved once and for all…

It was Timmy’s turn next; you could hear his heart pound
Suddenly he was the most popular kid around…

Nervously he stepped forward filling his cheeks with air
The GIGANTIC BUBBLE he blew was beyond compare…

Tongue-tied Timmy had won and was speechless that day
Proudly handing the blue ribbon to his parents, then went out to play…

A collaboration by Gwendolen R. and Roger R.