Yen yang laugh cry

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Keeping up with people and their emotions are increasingly more difficult these days.
A couple days ago I thought about the coming day that now has come and went;
I was disheartened by the whole manner of ramifications of it all.
Just two weeks ago I was planning to live yet another twenty five years;
But today practicality and common sense have created a large hole in all that.
And yes the odds are unfavorable but no it’s not impossible.
       Last week I swore I was not going to let certain people hurt me anymore;
       Today a soft touch or a kind word and here I am right back on the same mount;
       Riding head on at full gallop wearing heart on sleeve  and pen in hand.
       And yes I have been a warrior and battled on night and day;
       Today I weary and desire change but to some I am as I were and always will be
       But surrender I will not so maybe they're right about me