Climbing My Way Up

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

I see hope in Your sad eyes
The light..almost extinguished
Still, it carries the hope
its not over yet..

The afterglow from a heaven on fire
Its how it feels as the silence embrace me

The arroganse of a perfect life
Easy to stumble and fall into the deepest abyss
A dark abyss of apathy, carelessness
Where the the purest happieness has lost its virginity
Every joy gets absurd coz there`s no real vibes anymore
Stuck in a moment, no one`s willing to pull you out of it

You don`t want anyone to pull you out of it either..

There`s hope in every free fall, every downturn
That little hope, who could turn your thoughts into the light again
Sunshine, awakens your heart one more time
Its the very essence to how we`ve survived every yesterday
..and all tomorrows there`s to come

From early dawn, waking up with a cutton taste in my mouth
Drawn, sucked into the lifegiving morning sun
Climbing my way up from the darkest abyss
Shaking hand with yet another day
What did I ever learn from yesterday..?
It gives life to each brand new tomorrow, for the rest of my time

July 10th 2012