Written by: Frederick Lokko

We are in a dome of 
perpetual instability.
Relative to our density. 
With an unimaginable
brain capacity feeding on 
ideal types made by
mentally unstable 
thinkers which can never
be met cos de human 
quest for power,
wisdom advancement is 
never fulfilled......
What if de world was 
never found, never
existed? What if there is 
no God? What if we
are invaders of dis 
paradise of an earth and
we are destroying it 
every second with our
very existance with our 
very breath of life.
With our earth rambling 
development. What if
our intel on human life 
and mother nature is
wrong? What if we are 
deviants of the natural
way of life? What if we 
are de animals, not de
monkeys and lions but 
we humans. Monkeys
and lions kill for 
protection and to survive 
humans survive to kill. To 
kill far greater
things dan we can 
imagine. Killing thousands
of acres of virgin forests 
with thier whole
civilisations just to prove 
we can and leave a
monument of our 
stupidity. What we can't
control is bad, wat we 
can becomes our slaves.
We are on a path to self 
destruction. The
funny thing is everybody 
can see it coming
but there is nothing they 
can do about it..