The Family Vacation

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

The family vacation,
two kids, the dog, my wife and me,
the station wagon's all packed up
but Timmy has to pee!
At last we're off, two hundred miles,
we stop at Mickey D's
for cheeseburgers, four cokes and fries,
the kids are hard to please!

Now, travelling can be a drag,
there's Mollie's travel sickness,
and Timmy with his acting out,
the wagon's such a mess!
Candy wrappers, markers, gum
still sticking to the seats,
I'm putting my foot firmly down,
"Right kids, NO MORE TREATS!"

Another hundred miles, we stretch
and exercise old Marmaduke,
with running, jumping, food and drink
my Timmy has to puke!
Mollie cries, my wife consoles her,
gets her settled down to rest,
Timmy's resting too, God bless 'em!
children sleeping, we are blessed.

The final leg, we're all excited!
DISNEY WORLD! a world apart,
Pirates of the Carribean,
Haunted Mansion, where to start?
Here EVERYONE'S a kid, a dreamer,
dreams that last the whole year through
'til next year when we hit the highway
maybe we'll be seeing YOU!