Optimism and Irony

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

The bible and my parent taught me to be optimistic,
sometimes situations are tough and make me pessimistic,

When broke,I say to people 'I have plenty of money',
Even though I borrow,my tongue is coated with honey,

When sickness holds me down and weakness moves along,
I say to myself and friends 'I am healed,hearty and strong'

which backfired once as I fell unconscious and was rushed to the clinic,
the doctor said "no serious problem" so as to avoid panic,

Sometimes when in the mood I speak in irony,
Though it seems confusing but its not funny,

When impressed by her,"I hate you very much"I say,
which makes her to fidget and smile all day,

She is so rigid and crafty like an iron queen,
when actually she`s cool,gentle,naive but not mean,

I pronounced to the world,how I hated John for his malevolent,
when he helped me out by being benevolent,

When I say 'crabbed' ,what I really mean is' fine and good',
And when I say 'I have belly pain',It means I need food.

Contest:"When I say...what I really mean is ....." sponsored by Nancy Jones.