Questioning The Right Answer

Written by: Amber Chafer

Time and time again
Things will come and go.
Life will run,
Deaths can show.

But it's not the time
That must be watched.

It's the things done
In life that make
What was to what is.

Tears will fall
Laughter will be heard
Fights will happen
Love will appear.


Time and time again
One will wonder.

Why this?
Why me?
Why them?

But only in time will
The actions show.

Pain, love, hate, joy.
Tears, smiles, laughs, frowns.


It's a gift.
A privilege.
A right. 

It's a test
It's a fight,

It's easy to pass or fail
It's easy to win or lose.

See the definition of life,
Don't live it like a book.

Write stories as they happen!
Lead NOT follow.

In the end,
The life You live
Is the life You choose.