Too late for the 7-7-4 thing, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway

Written by: Nancy Jones

Rhyming is not hard for me.
Neither is light poetry. 
Lucky that way.
OK, the stanza count's three.
Rhyme scheme is A A then B.
Lots more to say.
Where is this going? We'll see.
Dr. Suess seems to guide me
along the way.

Once upon a time's cliché,
memories of yesterday.
Then it got hard.
Do I want a fish filet?
Why can't I just run away
from my backyard?
Society has its sway
like seven syllables, eh?
Sometimes it's hard.

Yeah, so back to my backyard:
vinyards, retards, and en-guards
go with the flow.
Charcoal leaves nasty black chards
even grandma sometimes farts
those in the know
get it that … yep, can be hard.
Or soft, whatever. My cards
go for gusto.