By Grace

Written by: Mario Vitale

Except the grace by which I'm saved


Make my life a real prayer to you,

As I'm crawling, begging, pleading & passing through...

Perhaps, we in our society have bit off?

Far more then we can actually chew;

Yet who knew in full view/

A parade filled with wasps falter to fly on through nor to stick like glue;

No questions anymore just to settle for what is new/


We have been sliding back into an evil abyss with sin;

Shattered dreams in its timeless appease/

We then choose to water down your saving message/

Except the grace by which I'm saved,


In your Holy word you cause such a heavy tidal wave so behave...!

Yet you have given mankind free will some cheap thrill,

Instead many just settle for the lie that claims I am what I do;

In place of lobster brisque they end with burger on fry/

That is no lie!

Again through hearts that are very closed to cause harm sound the alarm!

Today more then ever we need to face the music & sound the alarm;

In pulsating textual fervor just don't ever call me late for dinner,

The vibe can go further,

With faith as a child one can get a little wild;

Except the grace by which I'm saved!