Life Stew

Written by: Mark Russell

All I see becomes part of my soul.
Where are my arms to climb from this hole?
I see so much beauty yet it all fades,
The peace in my heart it always raids.

I look at things different yet they seem the same,
Sometimes I wonder am I in the same game?
The more that you look the more things do change,
Even the familiar, begins to feel strange.

From every angle I catch a view,
The old begins to seem like it’s the new.
Planting new seeds in hope that something grows,
But the seeds drift away as a gentle wind blows.

Even the simplest presents a new side,
Layer within layer the visions can hide.
It’s like peeling an onion, no layer is alike,
The journey before me seems like a long hike.

Like going cross country it is up and then down,
Silence is deafening though there isn’t a sound.
Lost in the forest you fall deeper inside,
No one seems  left, to be by my side.

I find myself walking but see no way out.
The earth is parched , it looks like a drought.
Battered and scorched by the light of the sun.
All things must pass and then they become.

Then the rain falls and life shall return.
The fire once wild , can no longer burn.
From out of the dust another can rise.
In a different form and different size

The wind starts to blow, the trees bow to me.
Reminding me some things can never be.
When they wither a new thing shall grow,
It may even appear like you already know.

Ashes to ashes,  the wind scatters the dust,
I don’t think I can go on but know I must.
All that you once saw becomes brand new,
The pieces together seem like a life stew.