Little Miss Mouse

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

Little Miss Mouse in her paisley dress

dainty and quiet and one of the best

gardeners in her town of Sweet Ness

she tilled 

and she tilled 

and she tilled 

her soil

mice traveled afar for her magical oils

She grew lavender

sweet magnolias

and tuberose too



and bright white… 

clusters …


fever few

There were long lines of mice
circling her garden

searching for tranquility
and a calmness to life

While her tiny customers patiently waited 

they exchanged everyday stories of field mice strife

From Miss Mouse’s garden grew a healing touch

on her hands and knees she tilled and toiled

making a lasting impression on her mouse community

blessing many lives with her healing oils

*Poems for Peanut*
Gwendolen R.