I'm finally free

Written by: Angel Hale

Lord i pray that you wash away all 
the things i've got on me.
'Cause i'm afraid to walk away from the 
women i used to be.
So break away all the chains so 
... I can finally be free.
I let the anger and hurt build,
also changing me.
I was being selfish, it's clear.
I was running from the old me,
not letting you in.

But wanting to be called more.
by your name is on my lips,
every night that i pray to you.
let me apoligize for anything i did;
it's hard to walk away.
From the only life that you know,
closer i get to god the more i learn and i know.
Hope you seeing my life,
see i've been changed.
I didnt do this on my own;
god intruenge.

And i think my future husband,
for dealing with my past.
Our covenant's till the end,
Promised that we would last.
If that was the old me,
first sign of trouble.
I ran away.
Thank you god,
i'm free.