money wealth and blood

Written by: Frederick Lokko

Money some say its as 
sweet as honey,but
little do they know that 
its stoney. In its
pitiless glare and hatred 
makes the people
blood even more red. 
Some live for the money
others live to be sorry. 
Because where there is
great wealth there is 
great worry. Money is
like camphor which 
sublimes. It may be there
in an instance and and in 
a twinkle gone. Its
fruitful and fleshy and all 
of a sudden change
into stone. Vanity lives on 
vanity and evil
emerges from wealth. 
And wealth is acquired
from money. And money 
they say is blood. So
when there is no wealth 
there is no money,
when there is no money 
there is no blood.
When there is no blood 
the heart of the
economy STOPS!!!