Written by: Jermaine Kirimi

Under the tree she sobs in fright,
Her tears cascading down her cheeks,
the feeling of hate in her soul,
fear that was brought-with by her father.

The man she trusted ,she called her father,
believed that she was safe without fright,
gave him love obedience and mostly her soul,
is the man who brought tears down her cheeks.

He came home with usual pinch on the cheeks,
took her by the arm without conscience in his soul,
with a nut brained devour and it was her father,
reaped her off her clothes and sent her into fright.

Now she sits under the tree with great fright,
hands around her legs recollecting ordeals by her father, 
fear,hate,anger as she wipes tears of her cheeks,
should she elope or stay here with a broken soul.