Written by: Manoj Kumar

I see you walk with your head held high
Your heart is breaking, but you don't even sigh
Distancing yourself from all the painful memories
Trying to build a new life and pick the pieces

You tread the path path that was familiar to you
Where you had once held hands with your love true
Now all you see is desolation and your dream's ruins
Even the rain fails to put out the inferno within

You walk uphill to the temple, looking for peace to gather
Remembering the same journey, your loved one and you took together
Remembering his words of encouragement, when you were too tired to go on
His warm embrace and calm eyes, egging you on

But now despite the crowd, you feel alone
Thinking of the good times long gone
Nothing to fill the void you feel by your side
You wish he was beside you, as your guide

Deep in your heart you believe, not far is bliss
He will take you in his arms and your lips he will kiss
He will be there for you in your times of despair
Comforting you and, with love, stroking your hair