Sleepless Wonder

Written by: Brandi Simpson

Inquisitive minds
Of any kind
In dark rooms
Until they bloom
Into bright places
Flourishing in light spaces
Upon UN-crowded happiness
Far too few find it …. Unless….
They leave the herd they travel with
And leave to the past old time
And the future that at present does not exist
The illusions that create the current emptiness
Only then can rigid thoughts bend
Like color bows
               To a hidden pot of gold
                                             …Or buried gem
                                                          Discover… INgenious
                                                          Discover… YOUr best
It’s different for each
It’s not the fad of Everyday Street
As much as we are one
We are merely a piece
Inquisitive mind listen to an inner greatness speak
It’s not outside of you
It’s below your crown
And above your sole
Stop wandering
               Stop wondering

Search your soul