Sweet enough to Eat contest

Written by: Sabina Nicole

Her angelic smile and darling face,
Melted away a bitter place,
Her graceful presence, genuine and sincere,
Helped my purpose to become exceptionally clear,
For pleasing sounds ran through her hands,
On zebra keys they seemed to stand,
Her unfermented, pure, natural sweet
Performed notes that danced to noble beats,
A delightful fragrance of sheer perfection,
Gave way to an emotional resurrection,
Beloved friend with a cinnamon heart,
Words cannot express where I yearn to start,
When describing a bud that has blossomed into a rose,
Pleasing to the eyes and delightful to one’s nose,
Careful selections of words must be conveyed
For her exquisiteness dries up all weeds that once laid,
In her garden of rejuvenation
Nectars only inspiration,
Not one part of her is stale, dull or stifling to ones appetite,
She is simply beautiful throughout the day and  beyond the night.

By: sabina nicole

Contest: sweet
Written: 7/7/12