A Haunting Ride

Written by: Albert Ahearn

Riding alone along a path that runs parallel, north and south Alongside the Lehigh River I became acutely aware of the beautiful surroundings As they sped pass me on both sides. As I pedaled along, the ghosts of yesteryears took possession of my mind and began to speak in unspoken telepathy. “you picked wildflowers on this path; remember the white campions you picked for your girlfriend Alice? And coming up on your right, there! that very large sycamore tree where you once climbed it, showing off for Alice, fell and broke your arm. Remember? Sure you do, Albee. And there! Coming up on your left that special place near that cove, remember what took place in there? You both lost your virginity. Remember the disappointment the two of you felt afterwards?” Near the completion of the ride the phantoms relinquished my thoughts and all those recent memories vanished until some later day.