Written by: Nsamu Moonga


Thinking of all those nights
When we sang songs and shared dreams
Believing each of our life’s tunnels glimmered lights
Caresses me with uni-verse’s dazzling beams.

I have not lost it all since you were gone
I feel you in the communion of the galaxies
I know it’s not all foregone
Somewhere, somewhere you live in my soul’s palaces.

I’ll not mourn your departure no longer.
For in my recesses I know the truth of your living.
Extinction has swallowed itself in hunger.
Whole truth must I hold; I am believing.

Be at peace; do not hurt.
Smile some warmth on my winter days.
Unfetter the resounding pounding of your heart.
Echo your palate’s rhythm with cosmic rays.

With you there are no more ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’.
Never would anyone say ‘I hate to see you go’
Nor ‘but I love to watch you leave’ lies.
You have embodied love immortal.

Know this that even in the darkest of moments,
We believe it will shine.
You and I through life’s torrents
Shall keep singing.

Copyright © Nsamu Moonga 2012