Written by: RALPH TAYLOR

"Sweet" applies to all five senses!
At least, I think it might!
Like new-born babies and puppies,
are pleasing to our "sight".

"Sweet" Talk and "Sweet" Mellow Music,
are pleasant to our "ear"!
"Sweet" Corn and "Sweet" Potatoes,
tempt our "taste" buds, have no fear!

"Sweet" William, "Sweet" Pea and "Sweet" Brier,
get our "noses" into action.
Togeather with their beauty,
they create a "Sweet" Attraction!

When "Sweethearts" hold each others hand,
there's a message, loud and clear,
although, no words are needed,
it says, "I love you dear"!

Yes, "Sweet", has many connotations,
that's a fact, there is no doubt!
These are just a few examples,
of what "Sweet" is all about!

Written: 7/8/12