Mighty Jen is innocent

Written by: Dino Spahillari

Mighty Jen is a bartender
four feet eight,one hundred ten
works two jobs,works out a lot
a petite girl ,tough like a nail
she has a punk ,as a boyfriend
he never works,he drinks a lot
smokes to much weed,and sleeps non stop
the worst of all,is violent
like a bad boy zombie,video game
in a late night,she came back home
tired of bills,payments and rent
did you look for a job today
what?the beast woke up
and slapped her hard,and called her whore
what he didn't know,Jen isn't a lamb
she got fired up,she got up quick
and punched him hard,knocking out 
his six foot lights,then called the cops
my boyfriend is lying down breathless,
please help
first in the scene,came the chief of police
where is the hammer,you hit him
what hammer,i hit him with my own fist
really,you go girl
from now and on ,the story is this
he was drunk ,and fell on the chair
all you have done ,is a self defense
he turned around,and left the place
i never thought,that this punk-ass
will fall and brake,like a piece of glass...