Poe's Lost Poem

Written by: Larry Belt

Awakened by my sobriety
I stumble ever so sickly from my chamber door
The night like death was still
As I fumble to find my quill
This drink I think I'll drink though nevermore

Like a drunkard without one leg
I hobble all hunched over across the crooked floor
The darkness fills my mind
As I wobble like the blind
This drink I think has cursed me to my core

With my quill now in my hand
I'm dreading the awful task that's now my chore
This deed can no longer wait
Though fretting it's now too late
I'll say my sad farewell to my lovely Lenore

Though I'll seal it with a kiss
But it still can't heal this awful burden that I've bore
Yet I'll tell my love goodbye
As my words fill up the sky
Like a misplaced eagle her wings were meant to soar