Written by: Gwendolen Rix

Just when you thought the news was really boring, a story of complete ridiculous-ness hits the airwaves...Google this for fun if you have the time. My poem is a spoof on this famous fashion article ....Click on *About this Poem to get a preview of the dress that has 50,000 gummy bears in it...

The Gummy Bear Dress

What sort of lady would wear a gummy bear dress
A two hundred pound confectionary mess
I’m just a wee bit jealous I must confess
To be surrounded by such a rainbow of sweets

A candy store owner she might impress
With her hands on her hips you might guess 
She’s unable to hold up her sugary chest
Now that could cause quite a scene!

What if the photography studio had a problem with ants
or if the fire alarm sounded and just by chance 
the team of 3 assistants who helped her assume “the perfect stance”
just happened to leave?

What about the 5 hours it took to don this gown 
If the workers got a pay cut and suddenly left town
If the airconditioner broke and the bears melted down…
Such a sticky mess-- all for the cover of a magazine!

(I wrote this fast so go gentle on me! lol.)  

gwendolen r.