Written by: femi joey oloidi

I will stand by you
Even if you go to the moon
I will follow you 
to give you pills form the entire holdup you shall face.

If you go to Afghanistan
I will follow you,
to protect you from unjust acts and bomb blasts. 

If you go to the North 
I will follow you,
to protect you from the sun, knives, scorpions and also bomb blasts.
If you go to hell,
I will not follow you,
for I shall take you to the first class castle in Heaven.

If you fall into a river,
I will not dive in with you,
because I am too handsome and smooth in nature, to visit hell, 
but be rest assured; that I will rapidly call out for help, to all the fisher men around to come and fish you out.
Yes! this is because I have promised to stand by you, 
but I can’t remember promising to dive or die with you.

I will stand by you
to make you strong and fit 
when you are weak and falling apart. 
Surely,I will help you find the lost parts of your health,
and also turn the rocky part of your emotion into bread of life. 

I will stand by you
to dry your tears and sweat, in your trying and crying times. 
I will never end nor quit in pulling you out of your pool of pains and sweat.
This I promise!

I will stand by you 
even if I turn to dust or rust,
I will come form the heaven of the wind, just to sing for you, 
because you stood by me 
when all angels were nowhere to be found 

I will stand by you
For just being with you
brings might, life and success to me 
for this;
I will always stand by you, my unquenchable light of joy.