If I had a Broken Heart


If I had a Broken Heart

I would of done things different if I had known
Today I stand here all alone

There were no signs the day I lost my love
My "Only True Love" sent from above

A piece of me has been ripped apart
A piece taken from my hurting heart

So many tears streaming down my face
Oh so longing for your soft touch, your gentle embrace

Special reminders pop in here and there
Sweet memories cherished together we share

Your cologne lingers in your favorite chair
I cradle myself in it wishing you were there

I hug your pillow as I lay down to sleep
The lonliness seeps in oh so deep

To hold you tight as I hear our song
One day, together my love, where we belong

Contest by:  H Garvey Daniel Esquire
                   If I had a Broken Heart
                   July 7, 2012