Fall of Man

Written by: M. E. Hathcock

soft breeze blow by
looking up at the sky so blue
where is heaven and is it really true
religious turmoil has destroyed the 
children of men
some say they are righteous and others 
live lives of sin
breeze picks up as time stand still
what gives any men the right to kill
judgements come to us all at the end of 
our time
breeze suddenly changes to it devastating 
causing men to fall and trees to bend
dust blinds their eyes and takes away the 
believers and non believers now kneel 
side by side
pleading with him and explaining how 
hard they tried
their excuses and prayers will now not be 
all they needed was to follow the 
instructions of the lord thy god's word
pestilence in famine will cover the land
this will be a great fall of man.