Love Is Light

Written by: Jemmy Farmer

Your holy book says do not judge me,
Who the hell are you to judge me?
I don’t need your consent, you see…

Your god made me wrong, so you say,
But I do not believe a word that you say,
For love has shown me a different way.

Your voices preach nothing but hate,
What is it about love you really hate?
No longer is freedom prepared to wait.

I’ll stand tall and defend your choice,
I may not agree but it is your choice,
But you in your righteousness deny my voice

The devil’s toy, in me you see sin,
I know no devil or concept of sin,
But I know that love will surely win.

So don’t tell me your way is the right,
Don’t try to tell me that hate is right,	
For hate is darkness and love is light.

Form: Blues Stanza