Saint Jeane d' Arc

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

With trembling legs 

             I climbed the concrete steps 

                                    to the place where my heroine

                                                                     ancestor once worshiped

Its Gothic architecture

embraced my soul ...

I opened the famous

cathedral doors reliving stories of long ago…

There she shined 

in all her glory...such a sparkling luminescence

a mosaic in stained glass of a French born maiden

the nectar of her innocence angrily drank by Satan

determined brave warrior whose faith would not falter 

her magnificent presence embraced the antique altar

                                 St. Michael and Catherine were her rocks of Gibraltar…

 Apparitions of events  threatened France’s throne

 A cross-dressed virgin King Charles disowned

 Burned at the stake for her heresy 

 My French ancestor’s bravery lives inside of me

                                   ( Such a parallel to Christ my King )


 I fell 






Gwendolen R.

For PD's "Any Poem of the Week Contest"