Living Under the Curfew

Written by: atef atyaoui

The beast inside is etherized,
Patiently slumbering in a trance
Hatching conspiracies of dark intent,
Digesting the prospect of a secret break,
Possessed and obsessed in its consuming intrigue.
But the man outside lives happily 
And he thinks he keeps his pet securely on leash,
Harmless as a bird, nestling in its cozy nest
Bondage is as a barrack, easily subdued
When the beast is suddenly awake
By its wild instinct to break free
From the life of a spoiled pet
Bored, driven by lurking, insatiable thirst
To quench his need for fresh flesh and warm blood
Neither lash nor rod could hinder him
His eyes zooming in on his target
He starts to rise, run, leap and speed
Like a shooting star licking distance at one strike,
Sniffing time at one sniff.
Taming the wild could last a while,
But stopping its attack would be in vain.
©Atef Atyaoui