River flow

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

Murky, green open monumental mass 
Rippling in battling bounce, chopping in equal anarchy
Man's disturbance, leaving and sparing no measure
Injected energy pulsating riveting melody
All as one and all divided 
The spoke has broken, but glued in endless motion 
Cracking slightly, fragile gently grasping, thinly seperating ever-parting 
Like dry hollow  tarmac, brittle and unremanded 
From it's birth it's anticipated and lost target 
Splashing, crashing,smashing upon the weathered Breaker 
Seaping into it's saturated mapped portrait, Eureka!
Another creation for such seekers thickened and stewed, Solidified beaker 
The soothsayers ambrosia, the divine manna 
Crystalised by profane candour
Diaspora returning sooner and never 
I wonder who is busier the ant, the bee, or the master consumer 
Can the mind be left to stroll, and thunder each second, each day, each year, each blunder
Deeper and deeper into the murky green river
The flows of our lives, the current of our time 
And the difference human and swine.