OBI KARA AKA - A Brave Heart

Written by: Ken Nwadiogbu

I write on this cold lonely night
Nothing but clouds in this blinding dark
Sitting on this empty bed of mine
Hearing the birds chirp and dogs bark

I miss you like the snow misses the rain
I need you like the moon seeks the sun
But She needs you more than I could ever say
You bring the difference, you're the one

I salute your overwhelming bravery
I respect the awesome power encompassing you
That gratified way you climb O'er the hills and mountains
No one could do it better than you do

I have for you a surprise to ponder
You've finally made the 'father group' par
His name shall worship your tremendous wonder
"Obi Kara Aka" - A brave heart

Go therein and win the war
Strongly and courageously for freedom
Dominate and Overcome
We will wait for you with LOVE and wisdom

We Love You,
From your darling WIFE