Salvation In Spring

Written by: Brandi Simpson

Sunshine on my skin
Warmth inside my soul
Leaves brushing in the wind
On this long and winding road

Rapids unbridled in the creek
Running wildly with the road
It's not a race of speed
But how far that we can go

Like squirrels chasing up a tree
Or dragonflies dancing in the wind
The creek and road twist
Upon each other every bend

How far can we go?
This yet I do not know
For I stopped in awe of its beauty
And stood there on the blacktop bow

I skipped out of my shoes
And rolled up the cuffs of my jeans
Wading in the creek
Ice cold water swarmed about my knees

The March wind tangled with my hair
Strands jumping like the leaves
Had me laughing like a child
My soul buzzing like a bee

Bloomed wisdom like Spring flowers
For there I did discover
An answer to a question
On that day I did uncover

I was searching for religion
But instead I found my faith
It was there I laughed with my Father
When my Mother called her child to play