The Spirit of Humanity

Written by: Brandi Simpson

Lift me up
As I rise on shaky knees
Give me strength
To rise from this bottom of rocks
Willed in my determination
To climb back to this mountain top
Call me a Climber, ambitious
An Expeditionist
A Pilgrim on uncharted land
A Soldier on these battled bends
An Activist when I take a stand
Peaceful, but with determination
A Bird, I’ll go out on a limb
Holding tight against the wind
A Leader, I won’t hop the wagon with the crowd
Not back then, and still not now
A Dream of many faces, of many phases
Something courageous
Even in valleys we rise like nothing can break us
Even through opposition we rise together in greatness
Even when we stumble in our focused cause
We still hurdle boundaries and break down walls
In millions, we still pause
When a handful die by some madman's cause
There’s still something decent within us all
When we answer the cry of our fallen brother
Rebuild, pray, and aid in their recover
Because we are not one without the other