I'll date you If

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

If your honest, thoughtful, genuine and happy inside and out.
If you can stimulate my mind and sex is not all you want to talk about.
If your not a couch potato, enjoys being active and is full of zest.
If you don't sweat the small stuff and don't let yourself become too stressed.
If your loyal, considerate and are your true self from the start.
If you looking for a relationship and promise not to break my heart.
If you can make me laugh, be romantic and treat me with respect.
If you can share your true feelings and not emotionally disconnect.
If your priorities are in line and and you are not judgmental.
If you not jealous, or insecure and not overly temperamental.
If you don't smoke, abuse alcohol or misuse drugs.
If you like kissing, holding hands and tender hugs.
If you know the difference between making love and having sex.
If your laid back and not always worried about what will come next.
If you are a good listener and a gentleman through and through.
If you possess these qualities, then I'll be happy to go on a date with you.