Stranger in danger

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

There she was sitting all alone in the corner of this bar, crying into her drink and looking off as if she was lost…I sat down beside her, to hear her broken heart. 

She said the man she thought truly loved her, nearly took her life…she said the man she once thought loved her became a stranger in her life. 

She was a stranger in danger, I just wanted to protector her for the rest of my life…I said don’t you cry your pretty eyes, because I will be your knight! 

She was a stranger in danger, someone she use to love nearly took her life…the man that use to have her, lost and now she is the best thing in my life! 

Stranger in danger…now she is my wife…I will forever love her and cherish her for all times! Dry your eyes…because this stranger will never hurt you, but will always love you…no more, no more, no more…stranger in danger. 

The hurt is over, now wipe the tears from your eyes. Cry no more, no more…your loved, no more stranger in danger. Rest safely in the safety of my strong yet tender arms, your loved once more, once more. Stranger no more…you’re the love of my life.