Reflection In The Mirror

Written by: Cheryl Auber

As I stare into the mirror, the reflection I see looking back at me
fills my heart with sadness and pain.
I've forgotten what it's like to be strong.
I look into the mirror for answers I cannot see.
Staring for so long my eyes strain....
Where, oh where did I go wrong?

I remember the better days.
The ones filled with laughter and happier times.
The days when I was me and only me.
I've learned a little about being hard in many ways.
Somewhere I lost sight of the signs.
As if I were blind and could not see.

The reflection in the mirror of someone I used to know
She's laughing at me through my tears.
It's more than my heart can hold.
The feelings of sadness overflow.
Reflection I pray take away my fears
and make me feel forever bold.