Long road

Written by: Raven Sneed

I lied
I cried
I believed 
In you
For your touch
Desperate for your love
Blind to your
Loved you so much
Your talk
Your walk
Your eyes
Your smile
they way you lied
Was like you had practice
Made me believe so good
That you was the one
For me
We climbed
We fell
Got back up
But for what
you left
the knife in my gut
Did it right in my face 
I was to blind
Lost in love
Deaf to the obvious 
Stupid of me
Now stating the obvious
Shoulda never opened up
Thought I was all you need
But I believe now
We weren't ment to be
It hurts in lowest part
of my soul
you bruised my heart
Now it's locked up
Questions still unanswered 
Getting over you will
Be my greatest masterpiece
Michale angelo
Can't even imagine
heart so bad doctors can't
fix it 
You did it
you didn't say sorry
you still got control
Getting over you is a long road
Im driving alone