I'm Sorry

Written by: robert johnson

Preface: I wrote this poem years ago. It takes alot of years to clear your head of all the smoke and get your feet back in parallel again. I wouldn't even post it except that the last line speaks volumes in conjunction with the title. Plus, there are some fun little lines also.. :)

I'm sorry, I feel sick inside.
I just want to run and hide.
I've already slid the slide.
God, how I wish that I'd died.

Please forgive me.
I'm so sad.
It's just I've lost most that I've had.
I'm so tired, I just can't move.
Can't seem to get back in the groove.

I'm not asking for perfection. 
Please just give me some direction.
Someone to show me some affection.
Just my own little love connection.

Please beleive me when I say.
Love will come, so don't dismay.
That I'll join you some sweet day.
And together we will find our way.

If you tire of my prose.
Would rather I hand you a rose.
I'm not sure, but I suppose.
That's just how this ole world goes.

Accentuate the positive.
Wish not to die, but wish to live.
And though hatred leaks like a sieve.
Please remember to forgive.