Here's A Toast To You, America

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

Here's a toast to you, America, on this glorious Fourth of July!
May the grand old flag, the stars and stripes, forever wave on high!
As we toast your birthday, may we always keep in mind,
That you're the grandest nation ever conceived by humankind!

Here's to the stalwart patriots who endured The Revolution,
And to the resolute framers of your precious Constitution!
Here's to all those courageous founders to whom so much is owed,
For creating our cherished liberties, that we may remain unbowed!

Here's a toast to "Honest Abe" who with steadfast resolve,
Triumphed o'er opposition that a united nation might evolve!
A toast to the pioneers as onward they relentlessly pressed,
To tame your virgin lands in their fearless westward quest!

Here's a toast to every soldier who has served this great nation,
For each has earned the honorable title of "The Greatest Generation!"
Here's to common folk who with perseverance and noble aspirations,
Helped you attain the title of "The Greatest of all Nations!"

A toast for welcoming to your shores the oppressed and the weak.
You are a blessed beacon of hope and for that you are unique!
We honor you, America, and will hold high the red, white and blue.
Here's a toast to you, America! May God's grace ever shine on you!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved