The Fourth of July

Written by: Kim Merryman

Picnics, parties, barbecues,
Hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon, too,
Ice cream, baseball and frisbee throwing,
Hot sun, bathing suits, lake and beach going.

Sun sets and skies alight,
With fireworks bursting in the night,
Exploding colors in the sky,
This is how we honor the Fourth of July.

On July the Fourth, our Independence Day,
Our nation's flag is proudly on display.
We celebrate our freedoms won,
By frolicking with family, friends in the summer sun.

But lest we all forget the cost,
Let's take a moment to remember those lost.
The men and women, who through the years,
Have paid the price with blood, sweat and tears.

They gave their all to keep us free,
From deadly enemies and tyranny.
We enjoy our privileges and rights today,
Because on freedom's altar, their lives they laid.

So while you celebrate this joyous time,
Keep our Armed Forces in the front of your mind.
Thank them for the job they do,
Protecting this country for me and you.

7/4/12  by Kim Merryman
Entered into PD's "Any Poem During the Month of June or July" contest