the dream

Written by: emmanuel flanagan

Last night I dreamt I dreamed a dream Santa came to my room
I'm sure it was him that I'd seen By the light of the Christmas moon
He left presents at my bedside And many more beneath our tree
So I crept down the stairs Just to see what I could see
Santa was holding my mum In more than just a friendly way
He said I have to go my love But my mum said to him " oh please stay
 "There's no one here to hear us Johnie "that's me " is fast asleep up in his bed
All strange thoughts and notions Were running through my head
Who is this Santa that's kissing mum While my dad is in a drunken sleep
 I'm so glad  that I came down the stairs to have a  peep
 Then when they finally parted and I recalled something from before
It was.not Santa kissing mommy It our neighbour  from next door
Years later now I'm all grown up And my daddy is no more
 I still remember that very dream just as it was before
Now Santa is my new dad  Or should I say our neighbour From next door
My mum and and my new dad Are still kissing and much more
 For I have a little sister and she is playing with her  presents on the floor
So it was'nt  really a dream I dreamed lt  was so really true
For I still receive my presents And they still do the things
 Our mum and our new dad do