So Why Not Try Him

Written by: Patricia Lewis

For I give you a challenge to 
take if you don't believe that 
Jesus is ALL our Lord and 
savior! For 30 days pick up a 
bible a Holy Bible and first say 
this prayer before you read : 
For the father of Jesus and the 
father of Abraham give me 
clarity to who you are, let me 
understand that you are in 
control of All things, let me 
read the scriptures that will 
bring me closer to come to 
know you! I guarantee if you 
shall do this challenge for the 
full 30 days without ceasing 
you will leave a comment for 
me saying your life has 
changed and it will never be 
the same. For you will 
understand He died for our 
sins, He left the Holy Bible as a 
tool to give us All direction as 
to the way to go/ live! You will 
see that Man doesn't have the 
final say so but when you 
surrender your life to Christ you 
will have a Peace that passes 
All understanding. For you have 
tried everything else and they 
haven't work so why not try