Sown With Love

Written by: Erich Goller

Sown With Love (Ricks 13-55) One And all Great and small All seeds sown with love In His garden or at your home Whether they are sprouting or fully grown All seeds sown with love A delightful blending the earth and sky When the heavenly clouds are passing by All seeds sown with love When raindrops fall They're growing Tall Erich J.Goller Copyright 6.20.2012 Ricks 13-55- created 6.20.2012 by Erich J.Goller 13 lines, 55 words, 1 /2/3/5/7/7/5/7/7/5/3/2/1 Rhyming Line 2/3--4/7/10--5/6--8/9-- 11/13 Line 4/7/10 repeat Any subject, no stanza limit.